Thursday, July 17, 2014

Dot Wall DIY

I have wanted to do a version of this dot wall from Oh Happy Day in my kids' room for a long time. I was intimidated by all the measuring, though. 
So..... I didn't measure. And what follows is the result. 

Here are my paints.
 I put tin foil on a serving tray and squeezed out my paint. I ended up using probably 20 different colors, many I lightened up with a lot of white.
 I used a regular old russet potato, sliced at the fattest, most circular section.
 And then we got to stampin'. "Mom, can I help?" - Nobers. I stamped each color 10 times. I used a brush to fill in where the potato failed to stamp. Then I washed and dried the potato and brush between colors. It took me a couple days to finish and I just used the same old potatoes from the day before. No harm there. I didn't stress about perfect edges. Each circle is different, just like every snowflake, and just like every beautiful child of God. #inspirational #symbolic

 I used this ghetto ladder system because my neighbor wanted her ladder back too soon. What, I can't just keep your ladder for a year without you noticing?

More dots! More dots! More dots!


 Aaaaand, I decided we were done.
I planned to put up more of a gallery wall here, but put these two up and decided I was done. At least for now. 

 Tah-dah! I love it. And my daughter exclaimed, "It's a BEAUTIFUL wall," about three times, so it's a win in her book, too.


  1. This is fantastic!! Ahhh, home ownership. ;)

  2. Martha, I like your wall better than the original. The lesser amount of dots and the looser spacing makes a much better design wall and the fruit pix are just right. Chalkboard wall--- do you remember we had a small one in our old house downstairs? Invite in a Sidewalk Chalk Artist to draw a Forest scene in colour, then add creatures for a hidden pictures puzzle!