Thursday, April 10, 2014

Kids' Bedroom Inspiration + Progress

I only WISH the kids' room looked this good right now. As of this typing it looks like a bomb went off atomic style in their bedroom. But I have to remind myself that it is all for the best. Mess means progress. Hey, I just made that up. Good rhyming by me. Thank you.

So, yes, here are the BEFORE pictures of my children's bedroom. 

What's that tiny li'l thing on the ground in the corner you ask? Ummm.....that's where my two-year-old son has been sleeping for the past, ummmmm, four months. His toddler bed was a flimsy old thing that was converted from a flimsy old crib and therefore broke within moments of setting it up in their new room last November-ish.
Whatevs, though, he is happy there. You should see how hard he sleeps in it.

This room is long and skinny and therefore creates a bit of head-scratching when considering the bedding situation.
Since my kids are ages four and two, bunk beds seemed really scary....

But, we decided to go for it anyway. How else would we use all that amazing ceiling space?
Bunk beds will really open up the room for playing, which is essential because there's no other designated play room in the house.
I've started painting the walls and ceiling white. This is me taking a stand against beige. If I don't do it, who will?

I really want these hooks for their room, as found in the bathroom at Old Navy. I asked the manager to look into it and she said she would. But who are we kidding? She won't. 

Oh well. Here are some inspiration pictures for their room.
Taza's kids' room is so playful and happy and bright.

I've got my eye on that love seat. I need something like that (not necessarily that same style) for sitting together and reading books. We've outgrown the big, brown rocking chair and story time is all elbows and wiggly bums. I've been looking for the perfect love seat but haven't found it yet.
Kirsten Krason's playroom is loads of fun. Teepee, chalkboard wall, bean bags. I might just steal every single one of those ideas. I've already painted a chalkboard wall, so I'm on my way!
Here's mine....a tad bit on the smaller side...
 I debated a lot about where to put the chalkboard wall. I'm still not convinced this is going to work well because there's a limited amount of it the kids will even be able to reach, but so far they seem pretty pumped about it. I have some ideas about sprucing it up, too, so it doesn't just look like a black hole that leads to the closet, which I believe will be white? Will that be weird? I guess we'll find out.

This dot wall from Oh Happy Day is pure delight. I think I'm going to do it on one of my really big walls.
This bunk bed from IKEA (also by Oh Happy Day), caught my eye. I ordered it and now I'm painting it yellow.
I would love to get these star bedspreads, I think they are from Pottery Barn.
And finally, this apple. I have a couple fruit pieces that I think are going in the kids' room.
Here's rough mood board I've been piecing together...

And now, back to painting the bunk bed, which I think might be done by Saturday? It needs to happen ASAP so I can get a better handle on the crime scene that is currently my children's bedroom.


  1. So, I'm kind f a blog junkie, and I was just a teensy bit thrilled to find out that you have one! I'm loving this room makeover. :)

  2. Send Lindsey (Cobabe) Livingston a pic of those hooks. I bet you she can fabricate some for you and mail them to you. She is on facebook.